Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Workout CalendarThis free basic theme insanity workout calendar covers all 60 days of your insanity workout and includes an area for your fitness test results. Click the links below to downlaod a printable version of the basic Insanity workout calendar. There are two versions available for free download, regular and insanity deluxe. Each version is available in both Excel and PDF formats.  Please comment and let us know what you think!

Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Deluxe Workout Calendar

How Much do the Calendars Cost?

Nothing!  This free Insanity workout calendar can be downloaded and printed as many times as you like.  All I ask is that you do not try to sell them or offer them as your own.  If you want to say thanks please post comments, share on facebook or link to this page from your website or blog.

57 thoughts on “Insanity Workout Calendar

  1. Thank you sooo much my boyfriend and I appreciate you having this available for us to use, we cant wait to start working out together…THANKS!!! :-)

  2. Thank you for the calendar! I was wondering where can I find an extended calendar so that I can work on other workout sessions of the insanity workout? Or is this the only calendar that you have posted?

  3. Thank you Shaun T!
    I’m on day 12 and only have a couple of days till my fitness test! The calendar is definitely going to help motivate me.

  4. I’m going to start Insanity from tomorrow…already doing HIP HOP ABS and absolutely loving it. I’m 56, never been particularly sporty however you’ve changed my belief in what I can do to help myself….you are truly inspirational/motivational…especially watching your form itself makes me driven..LOL

  5. lol lets just say my dog ate my original calendar (ok it was worse than that!!!) so this is awesome for you to put out there for a replacement!

  6. Hi. Thanks a lot! As this is the best all round workout. And everybody can so it. I am introducing this to any 1 interested in Austria. All you need is discipline

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